We have recently updated our Privacy Policy & mailing list to comply with the new GDPR, if our privacy policy  is of interest it can be found via our terms & conditions pages… if you are like me you will be utterly sick of it & GPDR is  now a dirty word (not even a good one) … but its important that the information is there.

on to more fun stuff…. We just received a new parts drop!!!!  which means my back is in tatters but we are freshly stocked on most things & have a some new goodies to add.

there has been in increase in bass drum mounted toms again, the simplicity of setup & inconvenience has a lot going for it, and as bass drums are usually very dampened the acoustic compromise is minimal. cost of these items can be quite high, so we have direct sourced a new bass drum bracket & single tom post available.

Going hand in hand with the above,  fresh designs of tom suspension mounts 2 plate shapes that are less bulky than the universal options we currently stock. We have them in 10, 12, 13″ versions, these mounts take the L-rod designed mounts, one is for the heavy duty round style/Gibraltar type bracket, the other is for the medium weight, we also now have 2 medium weight shaped brackets, the boxy type & a new softer edged one that is more rounded off.

We also have a new “hanging on man” style bass claw which is very elegant & great for the square edged bass hoops that we prefer to use instead of full rounded edges.

Preview pics of these items are below, will get full photography done & them on the website asap
basddrumbracket6405 tom_holder2290tom&floortombracket3403drumsupportsystemdssplateheavydz02dssplatemed3403clawhook0012