New Products – INDe drum labs.

I’m very happy to announce we will soon be stocking the following INDe Drum Labs products.
Designed in the USA INDe is making a solid name for its self making elegant, lightweight & low mass premium drum components, we will soon have their SB1 Snare strainer & their BR2 Tom suspension mounting bracket.

SB1 Snare strainer is a simple, elegant & super reliable, premium throw off,  features minimal shell contact, allowances for beaded shells & variable hole mounting, meaning its perfect for fitting to existing drums that need a new snare strainer.

BR2 Tom Suspension mount combines a bracket & suspension mount in one. The bracket element will take all sizes of L-rod or floor tom leg, it has a spring board like design that acts as a suspension mount, this will allow the shell to fully resonate when struck, the best part  is you can adjust or fine tune this feature by moving the bracket up & down on the mount, this allows you to dial the mount in on different size & weight drums maximising how effective the suspension feature is.

The variable hole spacing of the suspension bracket means its perfect for adding to existing drums that were drilled and had direct mounts that would benefit from having a suspension mount, Or  if like me you don’t like the bulk of most suspension mounts & brackets, these BR2’s s make a lot of sense .

Pre Order these parts now, they will ship the day our first shipment lands.

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