Drum Wraps coming in.

Finlay after some time we now have a drum wrap offering, we are introducing a new range of high quality gloss & metallic wraps to the Uk market, starting with only a few colours we will be expanding the choice over the coming months.

We already have one colour a fantastic Metallic Black in stock available now, all the wrap will be available in Full sheet size of 39″ x 55″ (100cm x 1400cm) & has a thickness of 0.5mm (this is far bigger than std wrap which is 24 x 54″) OR you can have the wrap cut to your desired, snare, tom or bass size.

The wrap is easy to cut & handle, has a peel off protective layer & best of all we can add a peel off glue backer to cut to size pieces, saving you the trouble of fiddling with glue or tape.

This wrap is sensibly priced & even on Full kits so this makes your Restoration, re-wrap or full custom build far more affordable than ever before.

metallic Black available in our store now, more options & colours will be added shortly.

5 thoughts on “Drum Wraps coming in.

  1. I Have a pearl BLX (old!) custom sizes;
    26″dia by20″bass drum
    15″ floor
    18″ floor
    I want them all stripped of existing finish and re done
    In black oyster. I can only see the particular finish I want
    In the USA. Please contact when your back and I will send you a pic of the colour
    I want. Iam wanting all the lugs on whole kit replacing also .
    So will be interested on cost and how long it could take.

  2. Am interested in covering my Yamaha absolute custom 12″ x8″ and 14″ x14″ find in a black sparkle sunburst wrap to match my bass drum. Would you be able to get anything like this?

  3. Can you please advise when you may have white gloss drum wrap available as i
    desperatley need to cover a 18×16 floor tom.
    I purchased some from you guys a while back and it was excellent.

  4. HI JB, as soon as we have it will email you & update the site, i cant its on order & we are at the mercy of our suppliers.

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