Back Online after being Hacked & ponderings on Parts & Part finishes.

Greetings, some of you may have noticed we lost the website the other week, some idiots (I’m being polite) decided it would be great fun for them to hack and take down our site.  We were completely off line for a few hours and then have to leave the site in safe mode for a week, but things are back on track now, Darryn & Tom our inter web ninjas have restored everything & hopefully prevented the hackers from being able to get back in. just to reassure you, everything is safe & payment details etc are all separately handled via pyapal so they could not do anything other than cause unnecessary disruption, cost us some money & waste aloud of our time.

it has created a bit of an email back log so if I’m taking my time getting back to you, I’m sorry, i will though.

Got some new offerings in the works, I’m constantly adding more parts to the site but I’m working  on a few things, including some new finish options for drum parts, different finishes such as Gold, black etc are allways a tricky one, we generally bulk buy our hardware & if one isn’t selling very well it becomes hard to justify selling it, this is what happened with Brass a few years back where it only mades ensue to discontinue it as some of our stock was heading towards  being 5 years old. similar things have happened with the black nickel in the last 2 years, demand has dropped so i have been trying god elide what to do… there is also the issue that the quality of the plating has become very hit and miss, sometimes its not even real black nickel, its a tinted lacquer finish over chrome.

so, what to do? well… i have spent the last 6 months trying to decide the best way to run things & i think I’m nearly there with a solution, something that should offer you drum builders more choice than ever before but without me having to stock pile hounders to thousands of pieces of each finish… we already stock thousands of parts in chrome .

expect more news on this early next month, just in time for the Manchester Drum Show.